Paws Pantry is a small independent business in North Lane Rustington, West Sussex. We stock some of the leading industry brands including Natural Instinct, Nutriment, Benyfit, Cotswold Premium Raw, Natures Menu, Jack Wolf, Wolf Tucker, Albion, Paleo Ridge and Naked Dog, premium dried & wet food brands such as Eden Holistic Pet Foods, Canagan and Country Hunter and Natures Menu freeze dried.  We are passionate about only stocking ethically sourced foods including natural treats, air dried, baked biscuits, ice cream, raw bones. Many of our suppliers are British or European based and if we don't believe its 100% beneficial or meets our ethos we simply won't stock it!

You'll find many other natural chews in store to help keep your dogs mouth, gums and general dental hygiene tip top!  Our resident canine nutritionist can help advise you on specific dietary options or supplements suited to you dogs requirements.

Herbal Supplements
We are a proud stockist for Dorwest Herbs, providing herbal pet care for pets. We also stock Billy No Mates herbal mix for repelling fleas, ticks and mites. Aniforte BARF complete supplement, Pet Remedy, Scottish Salmon Oil and Bone Broths and Leucillin antiseptic skincare.

In Store Harness Fittings
Paws Pantry offer 1-1 Perfect Fit & Non Stop Dogwear harness fittings specific to your dog in store. Other dog accessories include toys, Licki Mats, collars & leads, jumpers, coats and training accessories. Just pop in to see us and one of our team will offer you options for your breed type age and size.

Cats too!
We also have a range of Eden cat food, Nutriment raw cat food and Natural Instinct raw cat food. Our harnesses also fit cats. Appointments can be made for 1-1 to ensure quiet and calm service. Our sister business Pets Parlour offers cat grooming and nail trimming.

As an ethical pet retailer and will always put the welfare of your animals first. We don’t believe in selling negative equipment and will recommend force-free and positive training alternatives.

Frozen raw food for dogs and cats
Eden Holistic Pet Food Stockist
Puppy food and nutrition

Quality Food

Simply put, the food we stock, has the best ingredients. Human grade meat, organic fruits and veggies, natural supplements, and all from ethical sources.

Natural Ingredients

You won't get any nasty fillers, preservatives or additives in the food we stock. Just tasty, nutritious, wholesome ingredients.

Healthy Happy Pets

We firmly believe that you are what you eat, and this goes for our pets too! Diet plays a huge part, not only in your pets health, but in their behaviour and wellbeing too.

Nutrition Advice

We have excellent resources, to ensure we keep up to date on the latest nutritional information. We'd like our customers to be able to make the right and informed choice for their dogs.

Correct nutrition can be used as a preventative for a variety of health conditions so it is important as pet parents and practitioners we take a proactive approach creating the correct diet and nutritional plans for pets to provide optimum health. In cases such as poor dental health, some skin conditions, behavioural issues (hyperactivity and reactivity), picky eaters, digestive upset and many others a new dietary plan can greatly improve the issue and prevent its return. 

You may choose to book a Nutritional Consultation with our qualified Canine Nutritionist here in the shop. During the consultation we will discuss your dog's diet with a view to providing a fully personalised dietary protocol to support your dog's overall wellbeing.

Topics may include: weight management, understanding pet food labels, changing diets, personalised nutritional plans, feeding plans for puppies, adults and seniors, supplements, diets for allergies and intolerance, skin afflictions, dealing with anal gland issues, providing suitable nutrition for dogs with cancer, hyperactivity, pancreatitis, urinary issues, ear infections.

S. Smith

Very friendly but knowledgeable staff, always willing to chat
and offer ideas to help solve a problem.


Love the range of food and natural treats they have in stock


Jo and the team are fabulous! A truly customer focussed service, be that two or four legs! We’ve been getting our raw food and treats from Paws for over two years and highly recommend them to anyone looking for expert advice. We have also been to them for Holly’s Perfect Fit harness and we couldn’t be happier.

Our Promise

We started our journey in 2013 with a simple ethos of offering raw, natural and chemical free foods and supplies for cats & dogs. It’s important to us to really know the products we are selling and recommending to you, therefore we only stock products that we have personal experience of using with our own dogs & cats and 100% fit with our ethos  – tested by animals not on animals!


Sunday 19th May 2024

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Canine Nutritionist West Sussex

Nutritional Consultations
here in store

Lauren Morgan is an understanding and proactive Canine Nutritionist. It is her objective to provide you with a personalised dietary plan for your dog in order to improve their lifestyle, health and behaviour.

Lauren has worked with dogs’ for over 10 years, beginning her career as a dog trainer in the London area where she developed a scientific approach to canine health and welfare.

Following this, Lauren moved to West Sussex and continued to improve the business model to ensure all dogs and their owners have access to quality advice.

Throughout her career Lauren learned of the importance of correct nutrition but found that for pet guardians resources to help them understand and choose the correct diet for their dogs’ was limited and in some cases incorrect. With the aim of helping dogs by educating owners Lauren continued her nutrition studies and completed Pet Nutrition Level 3 allowing her to carry out personalised, comprehensive, impartial dietary assessments specialising in dogs with IBD and pancreatitis.

With Lauren’s caring nature and scientific background she is driven to advise and educate pet parents of Paws Pantry Raw & Natural Pet Store on their dog’s nutritional health and wellbeing with an unbiased, understanding approach.
To book: please email or call us
01903785166 or 07923 344633

Perfect Fit Harness Fittings in store
Natural Instinct stockist Rustington